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Cross-functionally building the hardware and software systems for advance aerospace control

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Our advanced development group brings expertise from multiple engineering disciplines working on the problems allowing the aerospace industry to truly reach for the stars. Some of the current active areas of research are optical laser communications, thermal adaptive optics systems, systems identification methods, hybrid RF/Optical systems, and more.

Our Recent Projects

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Space Communications Optical Universal Terminal (SCOUT)

Relative Dynamics is developing the Space Communications Optical Universal Terminal (SCOUT).  SCOUT is an affordable and competitive communications payload with significant user operability.  

The goal for SCOUT is to provide communication technology for a wide range of missions where there are limitations on size, weight, power and cost.  These include satellite-to-satellite, satellite-to-Earth, planetary lander-to-Earth, and planetary lander/orbiter communications.

We have achieved a low-cost, injection-molded high-volume opto-mechanical structure that is also highly robust against thermal deformation, boasting one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios.  Our Precision Pointing technology brings to market a new class of high-performance, ultra high-vacuum compatible motors.

Want to learn more about the leader behind this project?  You can read more about Dr. Michael Krainak's background here.

Employee Spotlights

  • What are some of the things you look forward to most in your job?

    One of the things that I look forward to most in my job is that we work on a mission critical system.  And because of that, it makes me proud that I work for a system that helps the nation to be informed and safe.

    Natalie Ramos-Pedroza (read more)

    GNC Engineer

  • What does a typical day at Relative Dynamics look like for you?

    On the NOAA GOES-R Mission Operations Support Team, I ensure the maneuver planners always have what they need to plan maneuvers. The GOES-R satellites are the first geostationary satellites to use GPS for navigation, which means old workflows have been replaced with new ones. I help resolve any issues that come up when moving from those old workflows to the new ones.

    Henry Heim (Read More)

    GNC Engineer

  • What does a typical day at Relative Dynamics look like for you?

    A typical day may include a wide variety of activities.  One of my current projects is working on telecommunications systems which utilize an infrared LASER.  I work directly with electrical and optical hardware to further optimize this system.

    Kevin Heesh (Read More)


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