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Our Story

Founded in 2011, Relative Dynamics sought to be a think-tank that provides focused and highly technical solutions in our core competencies of Communications and Astrodynamics. We began by providing key insights and technical expertise with our experience from the Space Shuttle Program.

However, we have grown and become capable of doing so much more. As the world was turning a new page in the history of space innovation, we planted our foundations to serve this new era of advanced space technologies supporting the necessary functions of civil, commercial and military customers in both the public and private sectors.

Meet Our Leaders

Kush Patel

Founder & CEO

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Ms. Shuby Ambardekar

Advisor of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development

Ms. Shuby Ambardekar provides senior strategic leadership to the Relative Dynamics business development initiatives. Ms. Ambardekar is an accomplished Business Development Strategy Leader experienced in developing actionable growth pipelines and capture strategy to include establishing teaming, pricing, discriminators, and Customer focused value propositions.

Dr. Michael Krainak

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Krainak manages, develops and enhances the Internal Research & Development portfolio.  Our primary focus is the development of commercial optical communication terminals for use in terrestrial, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), High Altitude Platform (HAP) and satellite markets.

Our Values

We feel that a strong company starts with strong values.  Our values guide the way we think, operate, and work with our partners and customers.

Loyalty To The Mission

Mission success is our top priority

Integrity To The Team

Our team of "Thinkers" is our greatest asset. We work as a team, learn as a team, and win as a team.

Visionary To The Customer

Customer satisfaction and doing the impossible is what we work for. We go above and beyond to do what is necessary to the achieve the results we envision.

Innovative Culture

Nurturing an environment of creativity and innovation to help advance technologies, here on Earth and beyond.

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Recent News

Relative Dynamics is excited to announce that we have been awarded two NASA SBIR Phase I contracts. Our Advance Development Team will expand the capabilities of our "Small Satellite Optical Communications Terminal" for beyond LEO applications to include "Large Space Optics using System Identification Method”.


8(a) Small Business

NAICS: 334511, 517410, 518210, 541690, 541330, 541712


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