John Draganov

Mechanical Engineer

Employee Spotlight

What is an example of a hard problem or project you've had to solve?

Although still in the works, a great example is the telescope optic mounting problem I was tasked with.  Armed with just mechanical engineering concepts and no prior exposure to optics (let alone how to properly mount them with a custom mount), I was given ample space, time and resources to find and test a solution, after working through simulations, prototypes and final tests.

How would you describe the culture at Relative Dynamics?

The major tone of the culture at RD, for me, centers on the encouragement of constant growth and development. Supervisors are easily approachable and always ready to help with any issues, be it through connecting you with the right resource or person, encouraging personal improvement through extracurricular programs, or even providing resources for you to continue in higher education.

What are some of the things you look forward to most in your job?

One of the biggest things that I look for in a job is how varied my tasks and work will be. The fact that I can write code, work on CAD designs, work on a lab bench, configure circuit designs and so much more, is something that is invaluable to me.

Who are some of the industry role models you look up to?

Although a little lacking in the "alive" category, Nikola Tesla and Richard Feynman are two that come to mind; their humility and ceaseless drive for more knowledge are two qualities that I admire, and think are very important in the industry.

What are some of the opportunities for growth and mentorship at Relative Dynamics?

The educational assistance program and the personal development program are both fantastic boons that encourage both professional and personal growth outside of work. In addition, you can always be connected with professionals in the field that can mentor you.

What does a typical day at Relative Dynamics look like for you?

The great thing about RD is that this question highly depends on what you want your day to look like; for me, no two days often look the same. I can spend the entire day on R&D at my workstation, shut myself in the lab working with circuits and optics, or spend the day elbow-deep in a 3D printer. Your workday is what you make of it!

Why did you choose to work at Relative Dynamics?

The appeal of a smaller company with a more interpersonal environment (where you're not just "a number"), incredible space for personal growth, approachable team leads/supervisors, and extremely varied work experiences and tasks were all factors that made work at Relative Dynamics the best choice for me.

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