John Boster

JETS - ISS Communications

Employee Spotlight

How would you describe the culture at Relative Dynamics?

The team I support is very diverse with people from different backgrounds and skill sets. With support from Relative Dynamics, I have been able to quickly adapt to this environment.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day involves checking email, reviewing spectrum management proposals, checking analysis statuses, and completing documentation.

What are some of the opportunities for growth and mentorship that you have seen?

Growth is accomplished by taking initiative on projects and areas where improvement is needed.  Mentorship is available by asking others and observing how people act.  Being a mentor requires listening and providing suggestions rather than dictating effort.

What are some of the things you look forward to most in your job?

I enjoy making a difference and protecting NASA investments in space.

Why did you choose to work at Relative Dynamics?

Relative Dynamics had a position open to support NASA. In addition, the flexibility of working from home and on my time is appreciated.

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