Adekunle Adegorusi

JETS - ISS Communications

Employee Spotlight

How would you describe the culture at Relative Dynamics?

As a Relative Dynamics employee, I support NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. Relative Dynamics operates like a well-oiled machine where concerns are addressed quickly. My team in Texas is also great to work with. We are always finding solutions to technical matters pertaining to Space systems.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I look forward to every workday. I am always looking for the next challenge. A typical day involves updating my database, performing technical analysis and doing research on RF spectrum related matters.

What are some of the opportunities for growth and mentorship that you have seen?

As a new employee, you are paired with an individual that will mentor you. You are also expected to apply your previous experiences to issues faced at on a day to day basis. There is also a great team that surrounds you that can tap from you and you from them on a regular basis.

What are some of the things you look forward to most in your job?

In my role in spectrum management, I am never bored. There is never a dull moment and yet I am able to use engineering principles to arrive at solutions. The International Space Station (ISS) always intrigues me and one of my tasks is to protect it from radio frequency interference.

What is an example of a hard problem or project you've had to solve?

I contributed to Johnson Space Center's method of reviewing and analyzing non-licensed devices that will be used on the International Space Station. I also arrive at solutions to mitigate interference to the International Space Station.

Why did you choose to work at Relative Dynamics?

I chose to work at Relative Dynamics because of the unique opportunity to work on the next spacecraft that will land on the moon (Artemis), Gateway and the International Space Station.

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